Without tablets and a migraine not a good combo!

Friday, 13 April 2018 10:33

Not been having a great time of it past few days. Iv been without my tablets now for about 4 days. Im on Venlafaxine, 150 mg twice a day, a damn high dose. Without it I can’t really regulate my moods at all. It builds up really quickly and I can’t really control it. Venlafaxine's half-life is only 4 hours. Withdrawal effects appear within a day and included headaches, dizziness, and instability, with a sense of losing balance and intense anxiety. SO naturally things have been difficult in the house… 

I hate having to depend on tablets. I do hope that in the future I’ll be abe to come off them but I know I will always have severe issues with mood regulation and anxiety. It’s a horrible feeling, I hate the lack of control and the need to stop my actions but being entirely helpless to do so.