Last day of the holidays

Sunday, 15 April 2018 17:43

Thank god kids are back to school tomorrow because I seriously need to pack mine and the kids stuff to travel down South! Also need to put the fuel in my car but we are doing that after dropping kids in the morning. They are now all bathed and settling for bed. Wanting to get Michael a doctors appointment tomorrow as he’s complaining he can’t hear us properly so need his ears checked. Elise was arond his age when she became deaf but im sure its nothing related just think he has a bad wax problem. 

We went to my friend Emma’s today meanwhile Shaun gutted the living room. Been meaning to do under the sofa all week so am very pleased its done :)

Emma was looking at her family tree and it got me looking at mine again and its something I really would like to pursue and learn more about my heritage. Problem is sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage aren’t cheap :( 

I’m new to all this geneology stuff so any tips greatly apprieciated :)