Funerals and families

Thursday, 19 April 2018 15:12

So after driving 6 hours and Leticia getting car sick we finally arrived at ‘Ye Olde Tavern’ was a nice little hotel with good food and friendly service. Just a shame we were their for a funeral…. 

Naturally as with ALL family gatherings there was tension and people were uncomfortable. People including me were also made to feel crappy about themselves by family but thats nothing new. Unfortunately some feel the need to joke around and put down others to make themselves feel better!

So other than the normal horrible family drama stuff all went well. Grandmamar had a good turn out and it was emotional and personal as it should be. 

At least on the drive to mums (Portsmouth) Leticia wasnt sick but it was half the time in the car which probably helped a lot. 

Phoenix is now teething again so very stroppy and with the heat its really not fun bless him.

Mum went in for her operation this morning and i’ve now heard after a lot of hassle trying to find out what was going on that she is out all it went well. Again more family drama …. Seems a daughter isn’t allowed to worry about her mum when shes having an operation….

Never mind am hoping to get to visit mum tonight but I wont hold my breathe it seems everything is being decided by others...

Ok ranting over for now so over and out….