Easter FunDay Sunday

Sunday, 1 April 2018 12:26

Been Crazzzzzy …. After spending 2 hours last night cutting out about 250 colourful paper eggs for the kids to find and doing Easter bunny duties Elise and I went to bed. getting up this morning the kids were rather excitable to say the least. So I shut myself in the playroom with the paper eggs and sellotape…. Poor Pheobe I hid hers in some rather difficult places …. She shouldn’t have complained that it would be too easy and only take her 5 minutes …. 2 hours later she finally had found them all …. Our time cutting out was well worth the peace :) 

While they were busy hunting for silly bits of paper Shaun and I went to the kitchen to prepare the monumental feast we are having …. Anyone would literally think we were having a dinner party we’ve gone a bit overboard …. I can see bubble and squeak and veg soups in the near future! 

So obviously being a few of us in the house naturally we all have different tastes, luckily for us we bought our little ones up eating all sorts and they love fruit and veg…. Elise isn’t too bad either she eats a fair amount of different dishes. My step sons when they lived with us were HELL to feed thank god I dont have to go through that now! Jamie (the oldest of the three that lived with us) refused 99% of veg. To start with he ate literally no veg at all but over the years we got him eating carrots, sweetcorn and even cauliflower/broccoli cheese! Camerons one real adversion to veg was parsnips which wasnt too bad to be fair, he just liked to whinge! 

So Shaun wanted lamb for his dinner, Elise wanted Gammon, I only eat chicken breast so we have a few different dishes straight off without even trying. Also I love a recipe my grandmother, Mamas, taught me and do it at every possibility, a leek and potato layer. The kids all love carrots so we having some roasted and some mashed with swede. Rosemary roast potatoes, Roasted sweet potatoes, honey glazed parsnips using the kids school honey from their bees. I’ve done some simple stuffing balls for the kids but also some roasted stuffed peppers with stuffing and cheese, some roasted onions, roasted tomato wedges, some breaded chicken breasts for the children. Iv put some chicken breasts in with some garlic, rosemary and mushrooms for me and any one else that wants some. We’ve done a herb lamb with a garlic butter for Shaun.