Building websites and creating things

Wednesday, 4 April 2018 17:18

So today I’ve spent the day helping a friend with his website learning a lot of new things and have decided that I may need a certificate of some sort in website building. So any suggestions greatly appreciated. It’s snowed again today and been rather cold so other than that haven’t got much done at all. Not so easy to go out in the snow with a wheelchair in tow….

Feeling much better though! Even made everyone poached eggs on toast for breakfast, something I haven’t had in ages! Easter has pushed me off the diet a little but still eating a lot better than I was. Also been looking at some other diet ideas and may tweak it a bit to fit all us adults in the house. 

Kids are crazy as ever, still not too bored with the egg hunts though so am utilising that daily still! Just wish I could take them somewhere but even Emma is now in England this week so not really anywhere suitable we can go :( Have decided however that I want to start sketching again too. So much to do so little time!

Joys of the holidays!