Back on it and more determined than ever!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018 13:35

Having fallen out with my only real friend this year due to me stupidly trying to help her daughter I am now back to being on my own in my hectic life with my writing and gym being my only outlets. So sorry any readers you may be in for non stop rants. Today is Boxing Day. Christmas Eve Cameron (17) came back home for the forseeable future. We had kind of seen this coming for a while but how its happened really isnt helpful in the slightest. 

Elise has literally been hell lately… I kid you not i think i would actually rather teething and temper tantrums even non stop labours than dealing with her at the moment! So Christmas Eve Shaun drove to Fraserburgh to collect Cameron, he took Pheobe with him to try help a bit but being the time of year that it is that still left me with a million things to do and no real support. Credit where credit is due Elise did help by bathing the 4 little ones. 

While she bathed the kids i made cookies for Santa, sorted carrots for the reindeer, cooked bottom layer of a 3 ingredient Christmas cake whch i have to admit actually came out pretty damn awesome. For those who may want to try the cake for themselves i used 1kg dried mixed fruit which i had soaked over night in a litre of chocolate milk afterwhich i sieved in 350g of self raising flour mixing and then i split between two cake tins cooked for 2 hours on 160 in a fan assissted oven. i cooked layers one after the other as i was also cooking cookies for Santa and other things ready for christmas dinner. 

Between layers i made the kids Elise and I hot chocolates with mini marshmallows and squirty cream (no cream for michael he still cant cope with it after being milk intolerant as a baby). However thinking hot chocolate would be a nice idea after baths and before getting them settled down …. i was wrong …. Michael proceeded to tip his hot cholate all over the floor and then literally break dance in it so the nice clean children in nice fresh pjs was no more … So after another crazy mad clean up and stripping the kids down to find new pjs to put them in i had an errand to run for a friend. Elise took the youngest two up to bed, i put Jennifer in her bed to go to sleep and dragged Michael along with me knowing he was far too excited to go to sleep for Elise. 

Elise then proceeded to burn the top layer of the previously mentioned christmas cake that i asked her to watch while i ran the errand for a friend. Important thing to remember here is she is in her second year of a professional cookery course at college! See the picture i tried to still put them together but look at the colour difference …. Ended up just chucking the top layer!

So that was basically Christmas Eve…. Fantastic start to the festivities! So put out the kids Santa sacks we made for them again iv added photos. I hope to be able to start a proper business in the coming year in which case will be able to sell these to those who like them :) also put their names on santa hats cos i was fed up with the arguing over who’s was whos.

Finally i got to bed after Shaun Cammy and Pheobe got in about midnight. So I took pheobe to bed and we went straight to sleep so Santa could leave them presents. 4 am Phoenix woke up but i managed to keep others asleep until 6 am where I had Pheobe, Michael, Leticia and Phoenix opening their santa sacks on my bed and covering my duvet in bits of chocolate and sticky sweets Cammy did try to help clean up the mess best we could but still sticky…. Lovely!! 7am we proceeded to go down stairs where they repeatedly tried to wake Jennifer but she didnt want to wake up by 8am she gave up sleeping and opened her Santa sack too. Once Elise got up we got all the kids dressed and opened up the rest of the mountains of presents i had spent the past few months collecting and wrapping.

Heres where it goes further down hill, Elise firstly refused to open her presents with the familyand shut herself away in her bedroom. A litte while later she came down to complain that the kids were playing too loud and needed to put their toys away. To which. replied no its christmas they can play. Shaun and I went down to get the christmas dinner sorted. Shaun text Elise asking if she wanted a Snowball, normally i make them myself but thise year i saw some made in little bottles so thought we would give them a try. She came down for it however just to complain that it didnt have ice cream in … as far as im aware snowballs dont have ice cream in iv never made them with icecream anyway off she goes again in a sulk back to her room. Shaun and i continued to do the dinner. Shaun asked Cammy to help kids tidy living room as we were about to dish up he also text Elise to come do the same. We proceeded to dish up and take kids dinners up (our kitchen is on a basement level) to which we find its a tip and noone is tidying up Elise and Cammy nowhere in site … turned out that Cammy had told the kids to tidy up the oldest in the room being Michael 6 and had gone off out and Elise just hadnt bothered to get off here computer. Il be honest i broke down i burst into tears and was inconsolable needless to say Shaun and my dinner was ruined, I ate mine cold but Shaun wont eat reheated or cold food so didnt actually get any christmas dinner. Kids got theirs and il give pheobe credit she sat and ate all of hers and was actually very good for once. Cammy turned up and at least started to help tidying while Elise just sat on the floor not understanding why i was pissed off.

Elise and Cammy hardly touched thier dinner which tbh pissed me off even more not like we have money to waste and people are starving out there not that my step kids seem to care :(! Elise again went off to her room and i havent seen her since. Cameron stayed and played games with me and the kids and that part of the day was atleast reasonable if i hadnt of already been majorly upset i know i would have enjoyed myself. Shaun fell asleep on the sofa with phoenix and Leticia stuck her frozen stickers on daddies face while he slept. 

Being exceptionally pissed off with the way my step daughter has been treating me shaun and the kids on and off for months yesterday really was the last straw so no more going out of my way doing everything for her its about time she learns what adult life is really about. So far shes been babied she complains when things run out even when they arent actually hers to use the stupid little practical things she takes for granted that will no longer be of access to her. Like iv removed all mine and the kids bath stuff from the bathroom so she doesnt finish all my shampoo and conditioner and bubble bath to complain to me theres none left when i havent had the chance to lounge about in the bath for months and so havent had a drop out of many empty bottles iv replaced as iv had to be done with quick showers. Think shes in for a bit of a shock! No more will i be making her alternative foods she either eats what we do or she buys and makes her own from now on also if she thinks im putting off mine or the kids washing to clean her whites for college she has another thing coming!